Project Description

One of the most prohibitive challenges facing patients diagnosed with rare Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) diseases (including dyspnea, syncope, chest pain, palpitations, pedal edema, and more) is how to understand and cope with their condition. Often, upon diagnosis and afterwards, patients’ emotions are at their lowest. Therefore, this thesis aims to find effective ways to support and accompany patients during their journey: from diagnosis until the end of their lives.

This project aims to analyze the Digital touch-point during the patient journey (from diagnosis to treatment) in order to detect problems and sensitive points that need to be improved for those affected by PH diseases and its sub-groups (PAH, iPAH, CTEPH). The aim is to bring and propose a solution with a strategic perspective and a pragmatic action plan to be implemented to support patients in the best way possible.

A special mention goes to remarkable individuals, with whom I had the pleasure to meet and work with. Specially M. Christian Velten for his patient guidance, expert advice, and continuous support during this research and the analysis of the data.